Basmat Al hayat Dental Center
Phone: 0097165655336
Address: Corniche St., Sharjah
Languages Spocken: Arabic, English
Working time: Sat - Thu 09:00 - 22:00, Friday - CLOSED
About Basmat Al hayat Dental Center

Basmat Al hayat Dental Center is a gathering of a group of excellent dentists’ recipients of distinguished scientific qualifications, we have an outstanding team that is committed to quality standards. Our goal is to satisfy patients by providing use of the best findings of the science dental treatment, we believe that the highest values must be followed in all aspects of our services so we focus on continuous training for our administrators with the interest of our doctors team to keep up with everything that is modern in dentistry and its application.
We apply science of dentistry to provide the best services and to meet the needs of the health of our patients.
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Atmosphere of the extensive care and attention to create.
Presence for the patient at all times.
Providing service to the highest standard of health and in a comfortable atmosphere.
Poems each patient as a unique and important through communication.
Creativity, respect, and appreciation
We have specialized expertise necessary to meet your needs and technology.

Visit us and we will be responsible for your dental health.

Our Mission
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Our Priorities
Patient safety & satisfaction
Quality control
Providing the latest techniques and technology
Ensuring fast treatment and perfect results.