Unicare Medical Center
Phone: +971 4 3529292
Email: info@unicaredubai.com
Address: 23 North Wing BurJuman
Website: www.unicaredubai.com
Insurance Accepted: MetLife, HTH, HealthNet, GlobeMed, GeoBlue, Gems, DubaiInsurance, Bupa, Al Madalah, Al Ain Insurance, Insured, ADNIC, AETNA, Al Buhaira National Insurance AL KHAZNA Al Madallah AMITY AXA Daman Insurance Co. Dhafra Insurance Enaya Insurance, FMC, MEDNET, MSH, NAS, NEURON, Nextcare, NGI, Oman Insurance, PENTACARE, SAICO, WAPMED
Working Time: Saturday - Thursday: 08:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, Hindi
About Unicare Medical Center

Founded in 1998 uniCare is an integrated healthcare provider offering a comprehensive range of healthcare services. By bringing together most of the primary health care and ancillary services that you may require, uniCare provides a coordinated and enhanced healthcare experience.
Your Health – Your Choice
Beyond our responsibility for providing clinical and curative services, we believe our role extends to empowering you to exercise more control over your health. We consider it is our duty to provide you with information that will help you make an informed choice about your healthcare.

Here at uniCare you will discover that you have a partner who will assist you to accept more responsibility and be more active in the choices you make in your health and lifestyle decisions so that you may achieve optimal health and enjoy life to its full potential.

We aim to make your experience at uniCare pleasant and comfortable and thank you for choosing us for your health care.
You are part of our healthcare team
There are two key people in your health care team, you and your doctor. You are just as important as your doctor in directing your health care. Only you know how you feel, what you are doing or not doing to improve your health, what you expect from your health, and any difficulties you may be having.

We understand your role in your healthcare and are there to support you in your quest to improve health and to fight illness.

By urging you to becoming an active member of your health care team we recognize your need to understand what you are being treated for and why. We want you to become an active decision maker in your healthcare.
We are your partners
As dedicated partners in your healthcare team our physicians and staff understand their responsibility to provide you with the best advice in your choice of preventing and managing illness. Our team who are armed with years of experience, knowledge and expertise recognize the need to keep abreast of the advances in healthcare, so that we may provide you with the best choices.




Masters degree from Pioneer Institution, India