Directa´s products are developed and evaluated by our selected team of highly-qualified and renowned Swedish and international dental professionals with the aim of making life easier for the dental professionals in the daily clinical work.

DirectaDentalGroup develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of dental consumables, materials and electronics, making life easier for the dental practitioner and patients. DirectaDentalGroup is highly pro-active on the international dental market with business partnerships in many parts of the world. With headquarters in Sweden, offices, manufacturing, and distribution and more than 200 employees representing the various brands worldwide, DirectaDentalGroup is an innovative player in the global dental arena. The company attends and exhibits at most major international dental events every year, and works incessantly in creating new and successful partnerships all over the world. DirectaDentalGroup currently consists of Directa AB, Orsing AB, Topdental (Products) Ltd and Parkell, Inc. The companies are all managed independently, having full responsibility and autonomy for their own operations.

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In 2015 DirectaDentalGroup acquired and incorporated three manufacturing companies: the UK-based Topdental Products Ltd, the Swedish J.H. Orsing AB and the Swedish Nordiska Dental’s non- amalgam products. Topdental was acquired in April 2015 and manufactures dental disinfectant and hygiene control products Topdental (Products) Ltd. Topdental is an award winning manufacturer of premium quality disinfectant products commercialized both as private label and under the brands Virofex and Bossklein. Headquarter, production and warehouse are based in Silsden, West Yorkshire, UK. In July 2015 DirectaDentalGroup acquired J.H Orsing AB a Swedish manufacturer of Saliva Ejectors, Aspirator Tubes and accessories. DirectaDentalGroup also incorporated all Nordiska Dental’s non amalgam products in its growing product line, including the well known Calasept Endoline, ANA Etching gel, Cerana ceramic fillings and Nobetec ZOE-cement.

Parkell, Inc., 300 Executive Drive, Edgewood, NY 11717 USA |


The R&S brand

R&S is a broad range of over 160 reliable and high performance products. R&S has been developed by GACD, N°1 in France and one of the world leaders in the distribution of dental products since 1979.

In 37 years the R&S brand name has built its reputation on the excellent quality of its products and the extent of its range.

At R&S we permanently seek to enhance and perfect our products allowing us to regularly add innovative and quality products to the range.

A team of dentists and pharmacists ensures the development of reliable and quality products.

R&S complies with the most stringent international quality standards. All our products are subject to strict manufacturing controls and are EC certified.

Internal and external quality audits are carried out at regular intervals in order to verify the efficiency of the quality system and improve it.

The success of R&S across Europe (along with international recognition for all our products) has made it possible for the company to envisage its development in all continents.  | |


Oxford Scientific

Oxford Scientific Products are first-class dental materials manufactured in Germany.
They have been developed to meet the most stringent needs and requirements of the dental profession.
Our commitment is to develop high quality and pioneering dental products.

We hope that our passion for science and innovation can be of benefit to your in making
your dental work easier and always more exciting.
The Oxford Scientific Products are produced under the strictest quality standards.
We are ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered in order to deliver the safest products.
In our everyday endeavours quality, safety and ease of use are our three main priorities.
We are delighted to answer your questions and to take into account your feed-back.

25335 Elmshorn Deutschland, Germany | |


Drendel + Zweiling Diamant GmbH

The company was founded in Berlin on August 1st, 1920 by Wilhelm Hugo Drendel and Fritz Zweiling.
During the first years, Drendel + Zweiling focused on the production and distribution of special dental instruments.
However, it was not long before the company started intense research into the production of diamond instruments.

With the invention of the galvanic coating process in 1932, Drendel + Zweiling’s constant strive for improvement was crowned with success. Drendel + Zweiling became a pioneer in the production of advanced dental diamond instruments.

Further milestones in the development of dentistry:

Drendel + Zweiling has always been customer orientated and therefore constantly extended their range for the dental practice and laboratory.

Today, the instrument range includes the following products:
• diamond instruments and discs
• tungsten carbide burs and finishers
• surgical instruments
• ceramic abrasives
• polishers

TEL +49 (0) 5264 6579280 |  Schürenbreder Weg 27, 32689 Kalletal • Germany |



MEDIBASE is a complete range of disposable products for the medico-dental field.

MEDIBASE has chosen quality at the best price.  All our products are CE certified and meet end-user demands for quality.

As a MEDIBASE distributor for your country, you will benefit from the best prices while having the possibility of ordering according to your needs. | |



A safe and precise system
for your daily practice

CMA system consists of 4 nickel-titanium rotary endodontic instruments for root canal shaping and retreatment, called: “CORONAL”, “MEDIAN”, “APICAL 1” and “APICAL 2”.
The mechanical properties of these instruments in terms of exibility, as well as torsion and fatigue fracture resistance, allow for quality, predictable and reproducible clinical performances accessible to every practitioner.


Swedish Dental Supplies

Swedish Dental Supplies is a manufacturing family business, providing dental products of own design and production to distributors and importers world wide since 1966. High quality and competitiveness are as essential to our business as is prompt attention to inquiries and orders.
We have certifications ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 CE 0470 and FDA.

TEL +46 40 46 02 01  |  FAX +46 40 46 05 13  | SE-232 52, karp, Sweden  |  |